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fun and joy for you

I want all new believers to know how good God is! He loves you and wants to bring a smile to your face. It can be fun to learn about God, but sometimes the truth gets misunderstood. For centuries God's word has often been misunderstood. It is full of truths to help us walk with peace, joy, and hope.


Many faithful believers tend to deal more with shame and guilt than knowing they are forgiven and loved. Why? Many of the believers were not taught what Jesus did for them on the cross. Knowing what Jesus did for us is essential for removing guilt and shame.

That was true in my case. I have been a believer in Jesus for 39 years but for 32 years struggled with guilt and shame. The last six years have been remarkable because I had a breakthrough. Shame and guilt have all gone! I now know all that Jesus paid for me to have as a believer, and that is why I have joy now! Whether you are brand new to Jesus or have been with Jesus for a long time, you can find happiness!

My passion is to help new believers walk in joy from the beginning. I want to help you learn all that Jesus did for you, so you can start strong and not have to wait years to learn the hard way. Jesus did so many things, and you will be so happy when you realize you have made the best choice in saying yes to Jesus!

I also found out God is more fun than I ever thought. He wants us to have fun learning about His love for us. Now that I have experienced joy, I  want to share that joy with you.

Who wants to join me on a journey to joy?


about us

I am so thankful for my husband Cecil

who is my biggest encourager and supports me in all my projects.  And he is

my Art Director.  He is an amazing artist and whenever I need help he comes to the rescue.  I have not done art for 40 years so it is a miracle that God asked me to do these projects!



by Cindy Spencer

Our first online course of many to come. Jesus was on earth 33 years before He was crucified on the cross.  Three days later Jesus rosed from the dead and then ascended to heaven 40 days later.  This course  shows you all the gifts Jesus purchased for you.  You receive these gifts immediately at the time of salvation. I use art and video to tell the story and bring understanding to you as a  believer.  This is key to your new life with Jesus and finding joy and peace. Jesus did this for you! Enjoy! PS This course has 9 Modules of lessons and only $1.00 because I wanted them to be affordable for every budget.

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